How to Pick the Right Beard for Your Style

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So you have started growing your beard. Congratulations! The next question is how to choose the right style. There are a lot of options out there so take some time before picking the one you want. This is especially true if you have grown out your beard and want to switch to a shorter look. Remember, it's always easier to start long and slowly shorten it than it is to start short and try to grow it longer.



Know Your Face

Taking some time to identify specific facial features can offer a lot of insight into what type of beard will look the best on you. Here are a few quick tips.




  • Strong or Square Jaw

    If you have a strong jaw line then you probably want to accentuate it rather than hide it. A shorter, trimmed beard is easy to maintain and ensures you won't cover up that manly jaw line.

  • High Cheekbones

    Another facial feature to consider is your cheekbones. If you have a sharp or angular jaw line then you naturally have a fairly aggressive profile. A beard that is trimmed on the neck (up to your jaw line) is a great way to add definition and bulk which will help soften your jaw line.

  • Full Face

    If your face is a little circular and you lack a square jaw or high cheekbones then you want to emphasize length with your facial hair. A goatee is a great way to make your face appear longer. Thick beards and moustaches typically emphasize width, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

  • Long Face

    Even if you don't have a square jaw or high cheekbones, a long face provides you with a lot of flexibility. In fact, you can pretty much do whatever you want because without any major features to accent or hide any style will look good.

Know Yourself and Your Style

While you should consider your facial features when choosing a style of beard, don't overlook your own style. Remember, the man makes the beard – the beard doesn't make the man.

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