How To Use

How To Use

Follow This Simple 4 Step Process for Maximum Results:

1.  Decide What Areas of Your Face Need Thicker, Fuller Facial Hair

Apply BGS anywhere you want to enhance your facial hair growth.  This needs to be done twice a day – every day.  It can be applied to small target areas or your entire face.

2.  Make Sure Your Face is Dry

It is important to apply Beard Growth Spray to dry skin.  If the skin is not dry, it becomes harder for the 100% natural ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin.  Many men like to apply BGS after taking a shower.  If this is the case, try to wait until you are dressed so that your skin has ample time to dry before applying BGS.

3.  Simply Spray BGS onto the Target Areas

While BGS can be applied to your entire face, it is important to pay special attention to the areas where hair growth is noticeably thinner or non-existent.  To apply it, all you need to do is quickly spraying the target area and letting Beard Growth Spray take care of the rest.

4.  Massage Your Face for Maximum Penetration and Faster Results

Once you have sprayed the target area with the 100% natural Beard Growth Spray, spend a few minutes massaging it into your skin.  This maximizes its penetration power and gives you the best opportunity for maximum results.

The Entire Process Takes Less Than 5 Minutes a Day!